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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Car Photographic Project

 Permaculture, environmental awareness, accountability, green energy and sustainability are necessary for humankind to survive.  In an attempt to create a body of work that is relevant, decrease my carbon footprint and become more sustainable, early last year I decided to convert my 2003 Honda Civic to operate on an alternative fuel.  Using the newly converted automobile I would travel around Arizona and photograph abandoned gas stations and car dealerships creating a series of photographs to be exhibited.  At the exhibit I would have my converted automobile on display with the conversion kit installed,  demonstrating the ease of becoming more environmentally responsible.  Also included in the exhibition would be a written journal describing the journey as well as details of the process of going green.  After doing some research I came across David Blumes book titled "Alcohol can be a Gas". which is almost half as thick as a phone book and filled with useful information about permaculture, global warming, sustainability, and green energy.  It contains  practical solutions to todays energy problems, as well as still plans and other related info.  I spoke with Davids assistant and described my project to her, she was very receptive to the idea and offered to send me a book, conversion kit, as well as money for fuel.  I have received the kit, but have not installed it yet.  My original plan was to build a still for distillation, install the kit in my vehicle and grow my own organic material for the creation of the alcohol fuel.  As of today I am still working on acquiring a location to build the still and farm.  In the meantime I looked into possible locations to purchase E85 and to my dismay I discovered that there are only two locations in the valley that offer E85 and the closest is 59th ave. and Olive, which is 35 minutes from my house.  Most recently my cars registration expired and required smog test.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to install the kit and start the process of burning a clean fuel, be eligible for a green plate, and reap the benefits; burning clean cheap fuel, ability to drive in the carpool lane 24/7, and not having to pay the fee for the smog test.  Before installing the kit I decided it would be best to call the dmv first to make sure that there would be no problems at the test facility.  I spoke with a woman who was not sure of the laws, and had to find a guide with the information in it.  She stated to me that E85 fuel was not eligible for green status in the state of Arizona.  I was shocked, but not surprised....she also gave me conflicting information about my eligibility.  Eventually she got her supervisor on the phone, who gave me the same conflicting information.  She gave me the number 602-712-8473 for the Tax Reporting Unit which is responsible for the guidelines.  I realized that this is what I signed up for, I knew that there would be difficulties in this process, and that many other people in the world were dealing with the same problems, and have been for decades.  I notified Davids office of my dealings and decided to smog my vehicle without the device installed, planning on installing at a later date.  As for now, I plan on installing the kit asap, and am still in the process of obtaining a site for the creation of Ethanol.  In the meantime, I have been photographing locations for the Green Car Project.  Some of the images can be seen in my Flickr Set check back often as I will be updating regularly.

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  1. good luck, Thomas.... sounds like a great project !