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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

El Mirage

2008 I received an artists grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts for a proposed body of work titled El Mirage.

Here is said proposal:

Thomas Schultz -  “El Mirage”  Purpose:  The Photographer will capture a community at a critical moment in time.  Over speculation, population growth, politics, racism, patriotism, immigration reform, rising cost of living, water and natural resource depletion all play roles in determining if, and in what form, the community survives.
  The subjects are people and structures in the community, recorded in high resolution color digital format, printed on 16x24 archival art paper.  The presentation will be in the form of an exhibition of the photos followed by the publishing of a book containing said photos.  Commentary in the form of text, both in the exhibit and the book will be objective and as neutral as possible, allowing the viewer/reader to draw their own conclusions.  Artistic license will not be an issue, “As is” will be the rule, the community will have spoken to the viewer through the photographer’s pictures.
  It is appropriate that the series title reflects the community name, however it is possible that there may be some irony present in it as well.  The artist will attempt in all events to maintain neutrality.
  The Artists proposed project is to approach community groups, city officials, authority figures and residents with the purpose of photographing and recording, by documentation, the community as it is. 
  Thomas Schultz is a Photographer living in close proximity to said community, and ultimately, directly and indirectly affected.  The Artist attended Arizona State University, and has shown work in the West Valley, and throughout the Valley, receiving awards for his work.

  Originally I thought I could produce the images in less than a year, but the more I got involved in the project the more I realized that the photographs would be more effective if taken over an extended period of time. This would allow me to capture the progression of the community.  In regard to the publication of a book from the series, I am in the process of contacting publishers as well as seeking possible assistance with the cost involved.  I am also looking for a location to exhibit the series in 2011.  In the meantime I travel around El Mirage with an eye out for subjects to photograph, while paying attention to how the city has transformed over the last two years.  Like the community of El Mirage, my project continues to evolve....

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