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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burnt Out......

Last week as my son and I were heading to the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, a small building on the side of the road caught my eye.  My son was not very happy with my discovery, since I did not have my camera with me, and I suggested we turn around and retrieve it from home.  Normally, I would have just shot it on another day, but the lighting was perfect!  The above shot was taken inside the bathroom of another house close to the small shack that initially caught my eye.

 The home was practically burned to the ground, what was left was completely charred.  Remnants of the family that lived in the homes posses-ions were scattered about the rooms, melted and blackened from fire.  My son found some pretty interesting artifacts, some of which I photographed, and we took home with us.  I could not help but to think about the family that once lived in the home, I thought to myself;  I hope that everyone survived the fire.  I was also very surprised at how easy it was for me to move about the wreckage without much thought considering my past experience with fire.  I blame the moment.....I seem to get lost in composition and thought while I am photographing, it is somewhat therapeutic.  I normally discover the fine details later in the process when I am post processing the images.  I have often felt cheated when it comes to giving these details the credit they deserve while at the scene, however I find comfort knowing that I will be able to revisit the scene at will through the exposures that I make.  You can view the entire set here

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