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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pacific North West

   Few weeks back I had the opportunity to travel North with my family.  We spent a little over two weeks and drove 3600 miles.  We Spent the first two nights in Yosemite National Park, where we were greeted with rain on the last evening.  Picked up camp the next morning, after a somewhat sleepless night due to the conditions, ....   Warmed up with breakfast at a cafe by the lake then proceeded  to make our way North, via the Tioga Pass, topping out at over 10,000 feet with much snow on the ground.  Had intentions of visiting Bodie, however, timing, adverse conditions and a road under construction said otherwise.  Planned on making it to the Shasta area, however Susanville became the next stop for a warm shower, soft beds and all the other comforts that come with a room.  After a good nights rest we were on our way, stopping in Shasta for a picnic under a tree, with Portland our destination we made haste.  Arrived in Portland after 9:00 sometime, we were greeted with a dinner that was prepared for our arrival, Thank you Layne and Stephen for your hospitality.  Spent the next couple days relaxing in Portland, then headed up the Columbia River Gorge toward Spokane, our next stop.  On the way hiked up several trails and observed rushing water making its way off of the steep slope to the river below.  Some of the most amazing waterfalls are in this area.  Steep short hikes, and tight switchbacks get you to the reward.  As we drove East the gorge gradually became shallower and shallower until the river spilled out into a hilly grassy covered landscape.  Not what I expected....after couple hundred miles of this terrain a city appeared from nowhere, Spokane.  We spent several days in the area taking in the sites and visiting with family, Thank you Chris and Erin for being such wonderful hosts.  One day Erin took us out into the country where I captured many images of decaying barns resting in infinite golden grassy hills.  Check out some of the images from our trip....Happy Trails!

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